Alyne - is a variant of Alan (Old German), and the meaning of Alleyne is "precious".
Antônio - Roman clan name of uncertain etymology; popular definitions include highly praiseworthy and priceless, loving king.
Eduardo - Prosperous, guardian; the name of eight kings of England since the Norman Conquest
Fernanda - Adventurer, traveler; feminine form of Fernando
Francisco - Free one, Frenchman; Saint Francis of Assisi was an Italian priest who founded the Franciscan order
Gabriel - God is my strength; One of seven archangels, Gabriel appeared to Mary to give her the news of her pregnancy and impending birth of Jesus
Gabriela - God is my strength; feminine form of Gabrie
Gabrielle - God is my strength; feminine form of Gabrie
Jacqueline – Supplanter (replacer) ; feminine form of Jacques, Jacob, and James
Laise - Favorite name with poets
Laryssa- Cheerful; In Greek mythology, Larissa was the mother of Pelasgus. Larissa is also the name of a city in Greece and is a moon of the planet Neptune
Letícia - it means joyful woman
Ronisson – It is a short form of Ronald. It means king
Sarah - Princess; Sarah was the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament.
Tamires - Female of Tamir. It means tall, erect. Owns palm trees, date dealer, full of dates
Thayane - Feminine form of Tatius, an ancient Roman clan name of uncertain meaning
Vitória - Victoria is Latin word and it means victory. Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory.
Wanderson - Anderson which is a variant of Andrew. It means manly, brave.

Jose`s Profile
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His name is Jose Antonio. Jose means "may God give increase," and Antonio means " highly praiseworthy and priceless, loving king." Antonio is his middle name. He is named after his aunt`s ex-boyfriend who lived in São Paulo. His grandmother chose his name. He says he really likes his name because it is simple. He lives in Aguas Claras and he really likes his neighborhood because it has everything he needs (supermarkets, bars, churches, and gyms). He lives alone and he has three brothers and one sister. His parents are both from Goiás. He is a teacher and he gets to work by car. He does not have a lot of friends, but he has a few great friends. He has friends from school when he was in college and from work. He also has some friends he met in online courses. Some of his friends are fun and intelligent, some are not so intelligent, but they are great people. He and his friends do not get together a lot, but when they do they go to the movies or go out to eat pizza.