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Her name is Tamires.She doesn't know what her name means.Her middle name is Pereira.She likes her name.She lives in Brasilia.She likes her neighborhood.She lives with her family.She has one brother and her parents are from Goias.She is not a full-time student.She gets to class by bus.
She has a lot of friends.Her friends are from school and they are fun.She and her friens don't get together a lot.

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How to improve your look appearance

1- Wear comfortable and beautiful clothes for you

2- Eat healthy foods like vegetables

3- Do exercises. It's good for you

4- Drink a lot of water. Avoid Sodas

5- Trust in yourself.Don't listen negative opinions

6- Use clean and discrete make up if you like it

7- Take care of your hair.

8- Be hygienic

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Father's day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the USA in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's day.It started by Sonora Smart Doddat the YMCA in 1910.It firt celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19,1910.Her fathers was a civil war veteran William Jackson,he was a single parent and he had six chlidren.One day she told to her pastor that fathers should have a similar holiday.
Father's day in Brasil is celebrated in March,19th.In others counties like South Korea is celebrated in May,8th,Paraguai in June 17th.

This is a very important day for me.I usually buy gifts for him and I usually celebrate it making a familiar reunion and I also help my mather to do a big lunch.This year I intend to go out with my family.

New Year's Eve In Brazil
Brazil celebrates its New Year on January 1st.On the New Year's day, it's a tradition to consume lentils and rice, which is believed to bring in prosperity and good fortune in the coming year.
The best New Year celebrations can be seen in the most important city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. New Year celebrations are marked with numerous fireworks. Musical shows, concerts and other dance performances are the highlights of New Year celebrations in Brazil, which
include numerous local Brazilian artistic´presentations, like samba, frevo, pagode, Axe and forro.
Dinner is the best part of Brazilian New Year's Celebrations. It includes farofa (tapioca grains flavored with spices), salads, rice, chicken and marajucá mousse (passion fruit).
Some people dress up white clothes to bring peace,or colors like green to bring money,hope,or red to bring love.
New Year's Eve 2012 Party at Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana
New Year's Eve 2012 Party at Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana