Escudo da Regatas do Flamengo Wallpaper
Escudo da Regatas do Flamengo Wallpaper

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About my friend Jacqueline
Her name is Jacqueline,her name means protect.Her middle name is Morais Costa,She doesn't if she is named after someone.She doesn't like her name.She live in Recanto das Emas.She doesn't like neighborhood.She live with her parents.She has one brother and two sisters.Her parents from Maranhão and Ceara.She is not a full time student.She gets to class to by bus.It takes her 40 minutes.She doesn't have a lot of friends.Her friends go to school and church.Her friends are friendly and fun.Jacqueline gets together a lot with her friends.They like to go the party, and play and talk.


How to improve your style

You do not feel good with you dress? Would you like to be fashionable? Whatever

your answers, this guide can help you improve you style.

1- Buy the new clothes

Go to the mall and look the clothes fashionable.

2- go to the beauty parlor

Make the haircut modern and paint the hair.

3- smile

Be nice to people

4- walk lightly

Father's Days

Father's Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the United States in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Days in celebrating fatherhood an male parenting. Some wanted to create similar holidays for other family members and Father's Day was the choise.
In Brazil Father's Day ia celebrated 3 months after Mother's Day, on the second Sunday of August. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. Father's Days is very importante for me, because it is away of say thank you. I generally do lunch for my father andgie him a present. In the Father's Day I'm going to give him a present this year.

Father's Day Cakes

New Year

Gabriel: Are you going to the party in Ney Year?

Antonio: I don't know maybe. What is exactly?

Gabriel: Well, it's a celebrate for starts the Year.

Antonio: How do people celebrate?

Gabriel: People have dinner with all the family.

Antonio: hum,do they eat any special food?

Gabriel: Yes they do. My family all the years eat a big turkey.

Antonio: Hum delicious.That's good, and Am I have to wear a costume clothes?

Gabriel: Yes. I always to wear white clothes.

Antonio: Ok! Where are you going to celebrate next time?

Gabriel: I'm going to stay home again. The family is very important.

Antonio: Oh cool. It is a good celebrate
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