Minas Gerais By Night

My vacation

My vacation was fantastic. I went to my grandmother's house. I traveled to Minas Gerais. In Minas the weather very nice. It was hot. In the afternoons, I walked in the city and went my aunt's house. I was there for one month. I came back last month.

My favorite food

In the morning I have coffee, bread with butter, milk. Sometimes I eat fruits ( apples or oranges). In my lunch I eat rice, meet, past and vegetables. In my dinner I eat rice, beef and vegetables. I love vegetables and fruits, I'm not picky, but I don't eat seafood. I don't have bad eating habits, I'm not alergic.
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Patron Saints Compared

Saint patrick's Day celebrated on March 17 in the USA.The holiday is originally fron Ireland in Europe. Saint Patrick's was a missionary from the Catholic. In USA have a big number of Irish immigrants. On saint Patrick's Day people like to waer green.

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Our Lady of Appearance

The image is widely venerated by Brazilian Boman Catholics, who consider her as the principal patroness of Brazil. Roman Catholic Church in Brazil celebrates her day on October 12. She is also called the Immaculate Conception.

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In Brazil Easter symbolizes the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. For me and my family it represents Chirst`s love for us. It`s celebrated on the first Sunday after lent. I get together with my family. People buy chocolate, fish. The people also make barbecue on Saturday`s Allulia.
This year I traveled to MG and we together. I went my with family to church and danced on Saturday`s Alleluia. I ate fish, chocolate and barbecue. I bought anything. I usually get chocolate eggs.
I lke most the holiday, because I can see my family. I don`t like boiled fish.
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Mother`s Day

Last Mother`s Day my friends just did not recognize me. Why was that I decide to show my Mom all my appretiation for her washing the garage of my house. Everyone knows I hate doing that. However, it was a nice way to show mom my love for her.


I plant my seeds


Parintins Festival

In Brazil Parantis Festival is very famous because it is popular. People wear colorful costumes. The Parintins Folklore Festival takes place annually on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June. But the celebration of the ox, as it is called by the people, happens every day in the heart of the Amazonas. The competitions, the making of costumes and choreography begin two months before the big event happens. It is celebrated in bumbódromo, the temple festival, with capacity for 35,000 spectators. Over 100 thousand people are attracted annually to the Festival of Parintins: every night, the result of the competitions between Capricious and Guaranteed is presented through folk presentations inspired by legends of sorcery natives of various tribes, and indian habits. I would like to go to Amazonas to see and participate in this fabulous festival.

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Garantido e Capichoso