~ My vacation was wonderful..I traveled to Fortaleza. The weather was really nice, it was sunny and hot, and I went to the beach almost everyday.I was there for 15 days and I come back in january.


Every country has patron saints, and each city has its patrons.For example, in the United States, the patrons is St.Patrick.

Saint Patrick was a missionary from the Catholic Church. He used Shamrock for explain the Holy Trinity for Irish people, in 432.On march,17th the americans celebrations this saint, wearing green clothes, going to parades and decorade the schools and houses.

In Brazil, Our Lady Apperance is the patroness, but like others places, each city has yourself patron saint.

Maria, for example,the bible's History said Maria was virgin when gave birth to Jesus, God's son.The bible said too Maria was pure, and today the catholics adore him. She recept a lot of homages, like the name of one the satellite city in Brasília,Santa Maria, and the day 1st, January, the first day of the year, when the devotees do their requests and give thanks.

This is Maria, the virgin Mary:

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In Brazil, Easter symbolizes the Jesus's ressurection and for me, this represents the new beginning,a restart. Here,we celebrate this date on the first Sunday after lant, and the people buy chocolate eggs , and a lot of meat for to do barbecue, and get togheter, for lunch.I like this holiday, because it is a time for reflection, the chocolate eggs, so I like everything. I don't Like the people who only eat a lot of chocolate and forget to celebrate the God's love for us for, forget the cross, forget the true meaning of the Easter.
This year, I went to church on Easter, and got a lot of chocolate.

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Hi, I'm Carol. Last Mother's Day, I cooked my grandma a very nice meal. She liked it a lot. I don't usually cook her anything because I don't have a lot of time..How about you? What did you do to make your Mom glad?

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a commemoration held on February in the U.S.A. In Brazil, Valentine's Day is held on June,12. This date celebrates love and affection between companions. In the USA this date remembers Saint Valentine.However, here in Brazil,it is associated with Saint Antônio.
In the USA, on Valentine's Day lovers Express their love for each other by giving each other flowers,chocolates boxes and gretting cards.
In Brazil, on Valentine's Day, lovers also express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolates boxes and greeting cards, but they also like to give other gifts, such as : Cell phones, watches, Ipads, books, Cd's,jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc.
Ufortunately,I don't have a velentine, so, I didn't et any presents last Valentine's Day.
My dad is a widower. But he gave his fiancee a present. But his fiancee didn't give dad Any presents! I hope I get a nice present next Valentine's Day!!

Time to celebrate !!

Christian Parade in Brazil
In Brazil, people celebrate Christian Parade (March for Jesus) on July 14 th In São Paulo and others cities. On this day, people march to promote the word and the love of God,singing,dancing gospel music and pray, bringing together Christians of all kinds. In the last parade there were two million people.
In Brazil the christian population is growing every year, and in Brasilia (Brazil's capital) , the Christian's Day ( November 30 th ) is a holida. I've been to three marches for Jesus, and I can say: It's very good !!
Notícias Gospel Marcha para Jesus 2012 em São Paulo Informações | Noticia Evangélica Gospel
Notícias Gospel Marcha para Jesus 2012 em São Paulo Informações | Noticia Evangélica Gospel

Christian Parede in São Paulo (2011)