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Her name is Vitoria. Vitoria means victory. Her middle name is Santiago and she likes her name. She lives in Recanto Das Emas. She likes her neighborhood. She lives with her family. She is an only child and her parents are from Maranhao. She is a part time student. She gets to class by bus, It 's takes her one hour. She has a lot of friends, they are from school. Her friends are fun. They are get together a lot. When they are get together they go to the mall.

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How to improve your soccer skills

Do you like soccer? If yes: are you a good player soccer?

1-You have your physical condition improve.

2-Eat well.

3-Training every day.

4-Practice with your friends.

5-Don't be selfish.

6-Play in the peace.

Father's day

the father's day was created to complement the mother's day. after the success obtained by anna jarvis with the promotion of mother's day in the us, some wanted to created similar holidays for others family members, and father's day was the choice most lakily to succeed.

the father's day is celebation in a second sunday of august in brasil and in the other contry like united states, canada, argentina is celebraty on third sunday of june.

the father's day isn't important for me because my father live far and we don't have much contact, and in the father's day i only call for him and say "happy father's day".

Vague expressions

Are you going to the Christmas this year?

I don't know. It's depends. What is it exactly?

Well, it's just, um... It's a especial day. The most people make a special dinner. And some people decorate their houses.
image: Christmas Day
image: Christmas Day

How is it The decoration?

Well, the people put tree in their room and put some flickering light.
external image christmas-day.jpg
Oh that's great!

And some people put a Costume of Santa Claus. By the way ,the food is great too. have turkey, peanuts and stuff like that.

external image christmas-day12063s.jpg
I loved. Maybe I'm going.

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