My Last Vacation
My vacation was great.I visited my grandparents and we had a good time.We went to a club together,I also got a gift for my grandmother,because it was her birthday.The weather was good.It rainied just one time there.I came back last week.

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Hello, my name's Erivelton and I like my eating habits,I mean, in my opinion I don't have a bad eating habits. For breakfast I like to drink some milk with some coffee and sometimes I like to eat some bread with some butter. For snack I often eat some cookies, an apple or ice cream when the day is hot. For lunch I like to eat some rice with some meat, some tomatoes and I drink juice or soda. I don't like to eat in the lunch onions, peppers and I hate green beans. When my mother cooks I don't have lunch. I don't like dinner, I mean, I hardly ever have a dinner, but when I have, I like to eat a hamburger or a hot dog. Well, I like to eat the most food, I'm not picky eater and I'm not allergic to any kinds of food, I mean, I eat everything.


Patron saints of two Contries.
Sant Patrick's Day is a popular holiday in the USA. Patrick was a missionary. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17.
On Saint Patrick's Day, people like to wear green clothes.
In Brazil we also have a Patron Saint. Our Patron Saint is Our Lady of Appeared. Our Lady of Appeared is celebrated
on Octuber 12. Who consider her as the principal Patroness of Brazil. Our Lady of Appeared is a National Holiday in Brazil.
Stories of Our Lady Appeared's miracles were spread throughout Brazil. Today everybody knows the history of Our
Lady of Appeared.

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Easter in Brazil

In Brazil Easter symbolizes Jesus death ressurection. It represents for me and my family one very important day ,
because it was Jesus who died for everybody. It is celebreted on the first Sunday after lent. In Brazil it is celebreted with the
people eating chocolate eggs and the people can't eat meat, I mean, everybody just eats fish or something like that.
I celebrated Easter on this year with my family in my home. We ate fish on Friday then we ate a lot of chocolate.
I bought just chocolate for me and for my family and I got some chocolate too.
I like most in Easter to go to church and stay home with my family, because it is a special day for me and my family.
I don't like to go out, because it is a important day for celebrating.
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Hi, I'm Erivelton. Everybody knows that I just can't stand doing the dishes. Guess what? Last Mother's Day I did the dishes
How about you? What did you do to make your Mom glad?

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In the USA Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday of April. However, here in Brazil, it is celebrated on September 21st
when spring time starts. This is me in the photo planting " Cedro " seeds in the front yard of my house. My favorite tree is
"Ipê Amarelo", it is a beautiful yellow tree.
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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a commemoration held on February 14th in the USA. In Brazil, Valentine's Day is held on June 12th. This
date celebrates love and affection between companions. In the USA this date remembers Sant Valentine. However, here in Brazil, it is
associated with Saint Antônio.
In the USA, on Valentine's Day lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolate boxes and
greeting cards.
In Brazil, on Valentine's Day, lovers also express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolate boxes and greeting cards,
but they also like to give other gifts, such as: cell phones, watches, I pads, books,Cds, jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc.
Unfortunately, I don't have a valentine, so, I didn't get any presents last Valentine's Day. But I stayed with my parents and we ate out together
and we had a great time! My Dad gave a dress to my mother and she gave him a T-shirt.
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Time to Celebrate!

Boi Bumbá

In Brazil people celebrate Boi Bumbá's Day ( boi means ox ) in June or July, but there are other places that celebrate it during
all the year. In Maranhão, this festival is usually celebrated in July. In this festival a man has to wear an ox costume and dance. Around that man, there are other people dancing with him. During the dance, the ox is killed( it's a fake death), but after that he is resurrected with a hit on its tail and then he stands up his head and dances again. People usually eat shrimp pies,canjica, popcorn, pamonha, cake and stuff like that. People like this festival because it is very famous in Brazil and we can dance a lot together and eat really good food with our friends and family and have fun with great musics.I like this festival because it is really fun. My parents told me that Bo bumbá is very cool and the interesting thing is that my teacher, Aldaires is from Maranhão and they celebrate Boi bumbá a lot.She said she likes this festival very much. I would like to visit Maranhão and participate in this festival one day.

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