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Father's day

The Fhather's day originated in United States of A merica , the tradition spread in countries aroud the world. It's start in Sonora's sermon in 1909.
Fhather's day is celebration in Brazil on second Sunday in the month of August.
Other countries:
*Argentina- the trird Sunday in june;
*Austrelian- the first Sunday in September;
*United States- the third Sunday in June;
*Bulgaria-June 20.
This day is not very important for me, because I don't have "a father". I usually stay home in the Father's day!!!
I'm going to stay home watching tv with my Mother and my sister...
Father's Day Cupcakes

Independence day in Brazil
In Brazil independence day is Nacional holiday. Brazil celebrate it's independence day on 7th September.In Brasília the day is celebraed at the Ministries Esplanade with a military parede in the presence of the President of Brazil.Peoplo wath parede on the Independence day.
I'm watch parede with my family on this day...
The history behind Brazil is independence is that same day, in famous scene at the shore of the Ipiranga.When Dom Pedro first proclaim Brazil's independence.The letter reached Prince Pedro on September 7, 1822.
Other cuntry:
*India- People in India celebrate their independence in 15th of August. Independence day is a When people in Idia [[#|pay]] homage to their leaders and those who fought for India's friedom in the past.
India celebrates Independence day on August 15 each year. India became on independet nation on August 15, 1947, so a gazetted holiday is held annualy to remamber this date...

--- Are you going to the New Year this weekend?
--- I don't know. It depends. What is it exactly?
--- Well, it's just, um... It's a celebration, of New Year.
--- You mean costumes?
--- Yes. Everybody wear white clothes and toast with your family.
--- How do you people celebrate?
--- Give present, celebrated with your family,
go to see fireworks, shout Happy New Year.
--- Do they eat any special foods?
--- Yes, they do. They people's cook cod fish.

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