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My friend 's name 's Laise ! Her name means " strong " ! Her middle names Romao ! She doesn't like her names. She lives in Recanto das Emas. She lives with or her family. She doesn't likes her neighborhood ! Laise have a tree sisters, she like a sisters! She doesn't full time student! Her gets to a class by bus !

father's day
Ana jarvis with the promolium of mothes's day's in the usa,some who wanted to create similar holidays for other family members, and tather's day, but the credit for the modem holiday is always given to senora dodd. who was the dirving fore behince its establishment.
in the second sandy on the week the esa is fathe's day celebrat on june the russia on february 23
Independence Day in India and Brazil
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Independence day in India is observed annually on 15 of August. It is a national holiday in commemoration to its independence from British rule on 15 de august 1947.

The independence coincided with the partition of India in which the British India
Empire was divided along religious lines into two new states the dominion of
India and the dominion of Pakistan.

Gandhi's Biography - Chapter 3