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Her name is Laryssa, her name means happy, Her middle name is Gonçalo. She doesn't know if she is named after someone. She loves her name.

She lives in Recanto das Emas. She doesn't like like her neighborhood. She lives with her parents. She has a sister. Her mother is from Brasilia and her father is from Ceará.

She is not a full-time student. She gets to class by bus. It takes me her hours.

She doesn't have a lot of friends. Her friends are from school. Her friends are friendly and fun. Laryssa and her friends get together every day, They like to go out, go to the park, go to clubs and parties.

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How to improve your style

You do not feel good with you dress? Would you like to be fashionable? Whatever
your answers, this guide can help you improve you style.
1- Buy the new clothes
Go to the mall and look the clothes fashionable.
2- go to the beauty parlor
Make the haircut modern and paint the hair.
3- smile
Be nice to people
4- walk li

Father's Day

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After the sucess obtained by anna Tarvis with the promotion of Mother's day in the United States, some wanted to creat similar holidays for the others family members. Father's day celebrations start in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910
In The second Sunday on the week the August is celebrating the father's day in Brazil. In the United States is celebrating in 19 th, June. I think the father's day is important because our fathers are very importants for our lifes. I usually go to your home in the father's day. This year we stay in home and going to watch the Flamengo's game.

Indepence of Brazil and India

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On September 7th is the day of the independence of Brazil. People watch the airshows and parades.
This day i'm goint to sleep all the day, because i have a much stressful life.
The independence of Brazil was declared by Don Pedro I on September 7th 1822, On the riverbanks ipiranga in São Paulo.
In India also parading soldiers, clothing typical of the country and dancing in the festivals.
In The independece of India was declared by your population with a moviment led mostly by Mahatma Gandhi in 1947;

New Year

Gabriel: Are you going to the party in Ney Year?

Antonio: I don't know maybe. What is exactly?

Gabriel: Well, it's a celebrate for starts the Year.

Antonio: How do people celebrate?

Gabriel: People have dinner with all the family.

Antonio: hum,do they eat any special food?

Gabriel: Yes they do. My family all the years eat a big turkey.

Antonio: Hum delicious.That's good, and Am I have to wear a costume clothes?

Gabriel: Yes. I always to wear white clothes.

Antonio: Ok! Where are you going to celebrate next time?

Gabriel: I'm going to stay home again. The family is very important.

Antonio: Oh cool. It is a good celebrate

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