My vacation was nice. I went to the beach. I went to Rio de Janeiro. The weather was sunny. I relaxed in the beach. I was there one week. I come back last month.

At my dinner I like to eat rice, beans, pasta and lots of meat or chicken, like almost all vegetables and fruits. I love juices, but I also like soda, particularly Coca-Cola (:


Patron Saints

Saint patrick's Day celebrated on March 17 in the USA.The holiday is originally from Ireland in Europe. Saint Patrick's was a missionary from the Catholic. On saint Patrick's Day people like to wear green.

external image st_patrick-banising_snakes-large%255B1%255D.jpg

Our Lady of Appearance

The image is widely venerated by Brazilian Boman Catholics, who consider her as the principal patroness of Brazil. Roman Catholic Church in Brazil celebrates her day on October 12. She is also called the Immaculate Conception.


Mother's Day
On Mother's Day I did a few things to my mother that I usually do not like to do. I manicured her nails and brushed her hair. After all, common l it was her day, and I just wanted her to look more beautiful. She liked the idea of taking the photos a lot. We had a lot of fun!



Abor Day

In the USA people celebrate Abor Day on the last Friday of April. In Brazil it is celebrate on September 21st. I planted some
Ipê Amarelo seeds in a pot before I plant it them in a bigger space. This is me in the photo. I really love Ipê Amarelo.


My Valentine's names is Thiago da Silva Monteiro. He's tall, brunet and has brown eyes. He's caring and generous. On Valentine's Day
I gave him a basket with chocolate bars, socks, underwears and a greeting card. He gave me a pair of jeans. I love my valentine Thiago.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is a commemoration held on February 14th in the USA. In Brazil, Valentine's Day is held on June 12th. This date celebrates love and affection between companions. In the USA this date remembers Saint Valentine. However, here in Brazil, it is associated with Saint Antonio.
In the USA, on Valentine's Day lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolate boxes and greeting cards.
In Brazil, on Valentine's Day, lovers also express their love for each other flowers, chocolate boxes and greeting cards, but they also like to give other gifts, such as: cell phones, watches, Ipads, books, CDs, jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc.



Principal festivals and celebrations in Brazil
Children's Day

In Brazil people celebrate Children's Day on October 12th. Children get gifts from their parents and family.
As all of you may know, Children’s Day is a day to honor children, which coincides with Our Lady of Aparecida’s Day, Brazil’s Patron Saint. That’s why it is also a national holiday. I really like Children's Day, because allthough I am not a child anymore, my parents still give me presents on Children's Day.
Take a look at the presents I usually get.

external image de-repente-tamy-look-melissa-rainbow-verao-2013-spfw.jpg
external image %7B4B66B1BE-C8CA-4F33-840B-F4B1B6E1495C%7D_contem_04.jpg