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My friend's name's Gabriela Gomes. Her name means strong. She likes her middle name. She was named after someone is a soap opera. She lives in Recanto das Emas with her family. She has two brothers . She has a lot of friend's. They are don't get together a lot because they don't have time. Her friend's are very nice and fun.

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How to improve your health

You think beautiful people? Do you like your appearance? Can help your health.

Do physical activity. Eat [[#|health food]] ( fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc). Drink water,

milk, natural juice.


Father's Day

The Mother's Day was Inspiration for Father's Day.

On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States.

In Brazil Father's Day celebrated 3 months after Mother's Day, on the second Sunday of August. A publicist Sylvio Bhering in the mid-1950s selected the date in honor of Saint Joachim patriarch of family (as well as the Catholic day of godfathers). It is not an official holiday , but it is widely observed and typically involves spending time with and giving gifts to one's father.


The Independence Day

The Independence in Brazil celebrated in September 7st. The people visit ther family. And other peoples celebrated with ther friends in show’s see paredes.
I don’t go to parades, but I go to a park, I visit my family and my friend’s , I’m going to stay in my home with my parents enjoying the holiday.
The Independence day in Brazil Marks the end of Portuguese rule and conquest of political autonomy. Near the stream of Ipiranga Dom Pedro, raised his sword and shouted "Independence or Death".
The Independence in India celebrated in August 15st. Schoolchildren take part in the Independence Day celebrations in front of the historic Red Fort. Female Pakistani Navy cadets stand in formation at the mausoleum of the founder. Students visit the mausoleum of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. A college girl gets her eye painted in tri-colors of India's national flag on the eve of the country's Independence Day celebrations. Folk artist performs. Indian army soldiers Demonstrate the martial art technique. Female students perform During a ceremony to [[#|mark]] the country's Independence Day.
With the end of word Warll, the first wave of decolonization Began in Asia, with, Which recovers its independence in 1947. Ghandi Announced that to the crowd wants to keep in his campaing for civil. Disobedienceto force Britain to give independence to India. The British, again , send him to prision. In 1942 the British government sends to New Delhi Sir Starffor Cripps, with a mission to negotiate with Gandhi. Proposals Sir Cripps brings are unacceptable to Gandhi, who want full independence. Gandhi returns to capaing for civil disobedience. This time is arrested and sentenced to two years in jail.
In 1947, proclaimed the indepence of India.


New Year
--- Are you going to the New Year this weekend?
--- I don't know. It depends. What is it exactly?
--- Well, it's just, um... It's a celebration, of New Year.
--- You mean costumes?
--- Yes. Everybody wear white clothes and toast with your family.
--- How do you people celebrate?
--- Give present, celebrated with your family,
go to see fireworks, shout Happy New Year.
--- Do they eat any special foods?
--- Yes, they do. They people's cook cod fish.

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