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My friend's name is Antonio Carlos. Antonio means "loving king" and Carlos means "farmer". His middle name is Carlos. He loves his name. He lives in Recanto das Emas. He likes his neighborhood, because is very quiet. He lives with his family. He is an only child. His parents are from Piauí. He's not a full-time student. He gets to his course by bus. It takes one hour to come to his course. He has a lot of friends. His friends are from school. His friends are very happy. He and his friends get toghether a lot. They play soccer.

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How to improve your appearance !

1- do Your hair: you go to the beauty parlor. Cut your hair e dye of the black.

2- do your nails: you go to the manicure and dye your nails of the pink.

3- do your style: you go to the mall and buy clothes, shoes, jewels and backpack.

4- do your face: you moisturizer your face with cream and wear make up.

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Father's day

In 1909 in Washington, EUA, Sonora Louise to hear a sermon dedicated to mothers,had the idea of celebration Father's Day. She wanted to honor her own father.Who saw his wife died in 1898 while giving birth to the 6 child and had to create the newborn and his other 5 child alone.The first Father's day american was celebrated on june 19th,1909, aniversary of the Sonora's Father.
This day is very important for me, because I stay with my father and everybody of my family.