Cidade de Goias #4 - GO

My vacation was very good.I walked in the city.I went to Goias..The weather was very hot.I went to see a movie.I was there for 10 (ten) days.I come back in february.

Favorite food

My favorite food in the morning is bread and milk, coffee and butter.In lunch is rice,beef and soda.
In snack apple or banana.In dinner rice,chicken,coca-cola and salad.I don't like vegetables and beans.
I'm very picky.

Patron Saints Compared

Saint Patrick'sday is celebrated on march 17.Holiday is originally from Ireland in Europe.Saint Patrick'swas a missionary Catholic Church.Saint Patrick's day is popular in USA because of the big number of Irish immigrants there.On Saint Patrick's day people like to wear green clothes.If you don't wear green clothes people pinch you.

Our Lady of Aparecida

In Brasil we also have a Patroness.Our Lady Aparecida is celebrated on octuber,12.The dates coincides with the foundation of the Empire of Brasil in 1822,and is regarded in Brazilian culture as children's day.
Aparecida was consacrated.

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In Brazil symbolize death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. For me and my family it represent Christ love us. It's celebrated at first sunday after lent. I get together with my family. The peolples buy chocolate eggs.

This year I got together with my family. I staued home. I ate fish,chocolate eggs and barbecue. I bought anything. Chocolate eggs.

I like most the holiday, because get together with my family. I don't like boiled fish.

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Mother's Days


I do not enjoy cooking.However,last Mother's Day I decided to surprise my Mom and prepared a nice meal.

It was a really delicious lunch. My Mon, my brothers ,my sister and me all liked eating.

It was very much fun! How about you. Did you cook your Mom anything on Mother's Day?


Arbor Day


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Here in Brasil Arbor Day is celebrated on the Friday of April in the USA. To motivate all of us to plant trees, our school gave each students some seeds to plant on Arbor Day. I planted some"Mutambo" seeds in garden of of my house.In Brasilia,people love Ipe Amarelo trees on the streats.They`re really beatifuL


Valentine`s Day is a commemoration held on February 14th in the U.S.A.In Brasil, Valentine`s Day is held on June 12th.This date celebrates love and affection between companions.In the U.S.A this date remembers Sain Valentine.However,her in Brasil,it is associated with Saint Antonio.

In the U.S.A, on Valentine`s Day lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers,chocolateboxes and greeting cards.

In Brasil,on Valentine`s Day,lovers also express their love for each other by each giving each other flowers,chocolate boxes and greetingcards,but they also like to give other gifts,such as=cell phones,watches,I pads,books,CDs,jewerly,shoes,clothes,etc...

Unfortunately,Idon`t have a valentine,so,I didn`t get any presents last Valentine`s Day.


Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil.It is not about a big moment in history or about a famous person, but it is important for the people because it's a time of camaraderie,freedon,and almost a whole week without work.People can choose between parties oe rest,and most people chose parties,day after day,night after night.