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My fiend's name is Franciso.Francisco means"free one". Francisco's middle name is Rodrigues.He is named after his... He likes his name. He lives Recanto das Emas. He likes his neighborhood. He lives with his family. He has a big family.His parents are from Ceara.He doesn't have a lot of friends.His friends are happy.He and his friends always get together.

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How to improve your appearance !

1- do Your hair: you go to the beauty parlor. Cut your hair e dye of the black.

2- do your nails: you go to the manicure and dye your nails of the pink.

3- do your style: you go to the mall and buy clothes, shoes, jewels and backpack.

4- do your face: you moisturizer your face with cream and wear make up.

Jacqueline and laise

Laise: Are you going to Sao Joao this weekend ?
Vitoria: I don't know. It's depends.Where is it exactly?
Laise: It's in my church
Vitoria: What is Sao joao exactly?
Laise: It's a festival that people wear costumes and square dance for celebrate Sao joao's day.
Vitoria: Hmmm. What time is it ?
Laise : Is it going to start 7 o' clock
Vitoria: Hmmm.I don't now. Is there any especial foods?
Laise : Yeah. Do you like marsh?
Vitoria: I love marsh
Laise : So, do you want to go ?

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