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My friend's dear ;)

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My friend`s name is Gabriel. His name means Mesinger. Freitas is his middle name. He isn`t named after anyone. He likes his name. He`s not a full-time student. He lives in Recanto das Emas and he really likes his neighborhood. He lives with his family and has one brother an two sisters. His parents are both from Goiânia. He does not have a lot of friends, but he has a few great friends. He has friends from school and his neighborhood. Some of his friends are fun and very intelligent, but he and his friends don`t get together a lot. They like go to the club and the parties.

Mother's Day s2

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How to improve your looks !

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Do you like go Beauty Parlor? How often do you cut your hair?

Do you buy new clothes?

Here are some suggestion !

Go to the Beauty Parlor • every week for beautiful stay.

• Always buy new clothes.

• Use make-up.

• Go to the shopping see new wear.

• Cut hair every month.

• Moisturize your skin.


Bye-bye !!

Laryssa and Thayane ;-)

Independence Day in Brazil and India

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Independence Day in Brazil celebrated on the 7th of September. It is a national holiday
observed in Brazil every year. The people do in this day a lot things. They usually
see parades, watch TV, sing the national anthem and they don't go to work.

On this day, I'm going to go to Esplanada, "Parque da Cidade" or
stay in my home seeing a movie with my family.

Brazilian Independence comprised a series of political events occurred in 1821-1824.
When independence was proclaimed by Dom Pedro I.

Independence Day in India is celebrated 15th on August 1947. Commemorating it's
independence from British rule. People pay homage to their leaders and
those who fought for India's freedom in the past. Gandhi proclaimed the independence of India.

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