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Her name is Sarah. Sarah means princess, Sarah was the wife of Abraham in the Old Testament. Her middle name is Gomes. Her name is Sarah because it is biblical. She likes her name. Sarah lives in Recanto das emas. She like her neighborhood and live with her family and she has one sister. Her parents are from Recanto das emas. She isn't a full-time student. She gets to class by bus and it takes her one hour to get to class. She has a lot of friends. She has friends from school and they are very fun. She and her friends don't get together a lot. When they get together, they go to the mall .

  • Mother's Day

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  • How to improve your style

You do not feel good with you dress? Would you like to be fashionable? Whatever your answers, this guide can help you improve you style.

1- Buy the new clothes

Go to the mall and look the clothes fashionable.

2- Go to the beauty parlor

Make the haircut modern and paint the hair.

3- Smile

Be nice to people

4- Walk lightly

  • Father's Day

Father's Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the United States in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Days in celebrating fatherhood an male parenting. Some wanted to create similar holidays for other family members and Father's Day was the choise.

In Brazil Father's Day ia celebrated 3 months after Mother's Day, on the second Sunday of August. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. Father's Days is very importante for me, because it is away of say thank you. I generally do lunch for my father andgie him a present. In the Father's Day I'm going to give him a present this year

Father's Day Cake 2009

  • Independence Day in Brazil

The Independence day is celebrate in September 7th in Brazil. The most people is

going to Esplanada and see parades, airshows. But I 'm going to stay home with

my family.

After receiving orders from the Portuguese parliament limiting his powers in

Brazil, Pedro Alvares Cabral declared Brazil's independence near the Ipiranga

River in Sao Paulo on September 7, 1822.

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  • Independence Day in India

In the India , the independence day is celebrate in August 15th. The people do

ceremonies, parades, culture events. They listen to patriotic songs, watch the

patriotics movies and bond with family and friends. In the 1930's Lahore

session of the India National Congress, the puma Sara declaration was

promulgated and 26 January was declared as India's independence day.

  • São João

Are you going to São João this weekend?

I don't know, maybe. What's it exactly?

Well, it's a festival. It's lots of square dance and stuff like that. Everybody gets dressed up, you know.

You mean in costumes?

Yeah. People wear country style costumes.

Uh-huh. Uh, I'm not Big on parties.

And There's typical foods, like pop corn, peanuts and things like that. Do you want to go?

Hum, well. I'm not sure.

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Gandhi's Biography - Chapter 3