Lake Louise

My vacation It was very fun. I went to the shopping moll. I went to the movies. The wether was very hot. I went snorkeling in Peru. I went to with my family.


I usually have coffee for breakfast some bread a drink coffee with a milk .

I usually have for snack a beef a rice some tomatoes some radish a bean.

I usually have for lunch a hamburger meat some mangoes juice or pineapple juice or strawberry milkshake.

I very like salad for dinner and vegetables. But just can not miss rice.


Pratron saints Compared

Santint Patrinck's day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17.Saint patrick was a missinary from the catholic church in 432, he started ta convert the Irish people to christianity. Saint Patrick's day is popular in the USA because of the big number of irish immigrants there.


In Brasilia is saint Dom Bosco

Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco august 16 1815 know as Don Bosco was an Italian Romam catholic priest.

John Bosco's day is a cultural and holiday celebrated on januery 31.John Morrison (1999) the educationl philosophy of Don Bosco

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Mother`s Day

Hello.On mother`s day, I surprised my mon: I did all the cleaning around the house.She liked it a lot!When she came back from Goiânia, she just couldn`t believe her eyes:our house was very clean.My sister cooked us a nice lunch, and we had lunch together.Mon got really happy! What about you?Did you do anything surprising for your mon on Mother`s Day


Arbor Day

In Brazil we celebrate Arbor Day on September 21. It's spring time. In the USA, however, Arbor Day is cebratedon the last friday of April. This is me planting some Bugreiro seeds in a vase.
When I was a kid I loved climbing up trees. Guava tree is my favorite tree. I love eating guava.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a commemoration held on February 14 in the U.S.A. In brazil valentine's Day is held on June 12. This date celebrate love and affection between companions. In the usa this date remenbers saint valentine. however, here in Brazil, it is associeated with Saint Antonio.
In the U.S.A, on valentine's Day lovers express the love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolate boxes and greeting cards in Brazil, on Valentine's Day also express their love for each other giving each other flowers chocolate boxes and greetings cards, but they also like to give other gifts, such as: cellphones,watches,I pads,books,cds,jewelry,shoes,clothes,etc.
Unfortunately.I don't have a valentine, so , I didn't, get any presents last Valentine's Day.But Man gave dad shoes and dad gave Man a beautiful blu blouse.

Cavalhadas in Pirenópolis,Goiás,Brazil
No Brasil e em Pirenópolis
No Brasil e em Pirenópolis
A festividade
A festividade

In Brazil this dramatic representation was introduced with the permission of the Crown, by the Jesuits in order to evangelize the Gentiles and African slaves, and it shows the power of the Christian faith.

Introduced in Pirenópolis in 1826 by Father Manuel da Luz Amancio, as a show called "The Battalion of Charlemagne." Pirenópolis keeps this tradition because the first settlers of this former mining town were mostly Portuguese from the north of Portugal, where most resisted the Moorish invasion, because the other character centralizing the dominant population saw with good eyes separatist effect between social classes. But what motivates most people to keep alive the endless feud between Muslims and Christians is the beauty of the spectacle and pleasure riding.