" My vacation"

My vacation was very good. I went to visit my family. I went to Sao Paulo. The warm weather. I went to the movies with my family. I was there for two weeks. I came back in January.

by: Raisa

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"My favorite food"

My favorite food at breakfast is bread, cookies, milk and coffee. At lunch is rice, meat,potato chips and coca-cola. In the snack is fruit, ice cream and candy. At dinner is chicken,rice and pizza. I don't like vegetables. Sometimes I'm just picky, but I like most foods.


"Saint Patrick"

Saint patrick's day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17. The holiday is originally from Ireland, a small island in Europe. On Saint Patrick's day, people like to wear green clothes. Saint Patrick was a missionary from the Catholic Church. In 432 he started to convert the wisher people cristianity. Saint Patrick day popular in the USA because of the big number of Irish immigrants there.

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"Our Lady of appeared"

The image is widely venarted by Brazilian Roman Cathelics, who consider her as the principal patroness of Brazil. The Roman Catholic Crurch in Brazil calebrates her feast day every october 12. She also called the Immaculate conception.

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"Mother`s day"

Last mother`s day I decided to show mom how much I love her! I can`t stand doing chores around the house? Look at this photo. Yeah! Believe me! It`s me doing the laundry. Mon got really happy!


"Arbor day"

306241_277512122346739_1043100488_n.jpgexternal image ipe01.jpg

It`s celebrated in Brazil on September 21st. But it`s celebrated on the last Friday of April in the USA. I got some seeds from the library of my school when I was borrowing books to read. I loved the idea! I planted the seeds in little pots. Look at the photos. I love Ipe-Amarelo! And I love climbing up trees, too!

Valentine`s Day

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Mom gave Dad a cell phone, and Dad Gave Mom a pair of sandals. Oh, God, why don`t I have a Valentine`sValentine`s Day is a February commemoration held on February 14th in the U.S.A. In Brazil, Valentine`s Day is held on June 12th. This date celebrates love and affection between companions. In the U.S.A this date remembers Saint Valentine. Homever here in Brazil, it is associate with Saint Antonio.In the U.S.A, on the Valentine`s Day lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers chocolate boxes and greeting cards.In Brazil, on valentine`s Day, lovers also express their love for each other by giving each other flowers, chocolate boxes and greeting cards, but they also live to give other gifts such as? Cell phones, watches, I pads, books, cds, jeweby, shoes, clothes, etc.Unfortunately, Y don`t have Valentine`s, so I didn`t, get presents last Valentine`s Day.


Junina party

June Parties as they are known in Brazil, are parties held throughout the month of June to commerate the saints John and Antony. Brought to Brazil by the portuguese when they colonized the country in the early 1500's, the parties are a celebration with fireworks, dancing, eating and drinking, costume wearing and games.