My Vocation
Caxambu - Minas Gerais

My vacation was very nice. I went to the shopping mall. I traveled to Minas Gerais. The weather it's was very hot. In Minas Gerais I went biking and I visit my grandmother. I was there for a month. I came back in January.

My Favorite Food

Hello my name's Rayanne. For Breakfast I have some a bread with butter and milk. For snack I have an apples, banana, papaya and orange because I love fruit. For Lunch I have a lot of lettuce and tomatoes, rice, beans and chicken. For dinner I have rice, beans, meat and vegetables. bye.


Saint Patrick's Day
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Saint Patrick's religious holiday celebrated on March 17, is originaly from Ireland. Saint Patrick's was a missionary from the catholic chuech in 452. they used the three leaved clover, or shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the Irish people. On saint Patrick's day, people like to wear green clothes. There are parades in the center of town and people like to see tradicional Irish dances.

Saint Our Lady of Appearance
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In Brasil we also known celebrated 18thcentury clay statue of the blessed Virgin Mary. who consider her as the principal Patrones of Brasil. Our Lady of Appearance celebrates day every October 12. Since the basilica's consecration 1980 by Pope John Paul II , it has also been a puplic holiday in Brazil.



♥♥ Mother´s Day ♥♥
Take a look at these photos. How did you like them? Yeah. That´s me cleaning the living room and washing the bathroom. That was to show Mom how I adore her. I just hate cleaning but that was a special day: Mother´s Day! ♥ ♥
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Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is a comemoration held on February 14 in the U.S.A. In Brazil, Valentine's day is held on June12. This date celebrates love and affection betwen companions. In the U.S.A. This date remembers Saint Valentine. However, here in Brazil it is associated with Saint Antonio. In the U.S.A, on Valentine's day loves express their love for each, other flower, chocolate boxes and greeting cards. In Brazil, on Valentine's day lovers also express their love for each other by giving each other flower, chocolate boxes and greeting cards, but they also like to give other gifs, such as: cell phones, watches, Ipads, books, CDs, jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc. I would like to have a valentine nexte valentine's day. I would like to getand give presents!

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day