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This page is about me or about my friends. Please, u can read and then put a comment to me. Little Monster, because u know, I'm a Lady Gaga's fan. LOL.

Paragraph about Thayane :)

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My friend's name is Thayane and she is very nice. Her middle name is Adornelas. She's named after her parents. She doesn't like her name. She lives in Recanto das Emas and she likes her neighborhood. She lives with her father and her brother and she has only one brother. She has a baby. Her parents are from Brasilia. She's not a full-time student. She is a hight-school student. She goes to the CTJ by bus and it takes her 50 minutes. She doesn't have a lot of friends and her friends are from school and her neighborhood. Her friends are smart and nice and they get togheter a lot. When they get together, they go to the mall.

Mother :)

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How to improve your Style.

Do you feel Stylish? Do you like to your style? Do you want to your style? Read

the article and change somethings.

1. Have a lot of clothes to wear.

Always have a lot of clothes to wear because it's very important to you, because

having variety is important.

2. Have a lot of accessories to use.

Have bracelets, sunglasses and earring to use. Accessories is very important to


3. Don't to exaggerate with your make-up.

Excess of make-up is not good to look, because it's not cool, cause make you

look like a clown!


Father's Day (Summetime Sadness ♫)

Father's Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the United States in the early twentieth centrury to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting. In Brazil, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of August. Many countries celebrated it on the thrid Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days.
I think Father's day is not important to me because I hate my father and he hates me too. So, father's day is boring to me. We always do nothing, I just say: Happy Father's Day! And he says: Ok, thanks! =/
In this Father's Day, I think we're going to do anything special, I think he will travel. I hardly ever see him on this day. I just wanted to eat an ice cream with him, but ok!

happy father's day!


Conversation About New Year's Eve (With Tami)

Tami: Hi Roni, How are you?
Roni: Fine. And u?
Tami: Fine too. are you going to the "Esplanada" to see shows for the year?
Roni: I don't know. When is it?
Tami: It's on december 31st.
Roni: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll go to the Thatyane's house. What does it celebrate?
Tami: We celebrate de the new year, you know.
Roni: Yeah. I'm not stupid. How do people celebrate the new year at the "Esplanada"?
Tami: We go to see fireworks and stuff like that. We do he countdown together!
Roni: Sounds good.
Tami: Yeah. We wear white clothes, some people say that u wear white clothes, you will have good luck during he year.
Roni: Thats ok. I'll go with u.
Tami: Oh, Thanx.
Roni: I'll pick u up here on December 31st at 8 o'clock.
Tami: Ok, bye *-*
Roni: Au revoir mon amie.

          • I painted this. I know, it is ugly, but... LOL
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