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Her name is Leticia. Leticia's name means joy. Fernandes is her middle name. She likes her name. She lives in Recanto das Emas. She likes her neighborhood, It is friendly. She lives with her family and she has two brothers. Her parents are from Fortaleza. She is not a full-time student. She gets to class by bus and it takes her one hour. Leticia has a lot of friends and her friends are from school, they are very fun. She and her friends get together a lot, they go to parties.

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How to improve your Style

Do you feel Stylish? Do you like to your style? Do you want to your style? Read the article and change somethings.

1. Have a lot of clothes to wear.

Always have a lot of clothes to wear because it's very important to you, because

having variety is important.

2. Have a lot of accessories to use.

Have bracelets, sunglasses and earring to use. Accessories is very important to


3. Don't to exaggerate with your make-up.

Excess of make-up is not good to look, because it's not cool, cause make you

look like a clown!

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Father's Day is a celebration of fathers, celebrating the influence of fathers in the society. Father's Day is inaugurated in the United States.
In [[#|Brasil]] Fathers Day celebrated 3 months after Mother's Day, on the second Sunday of August.
Many countries celebrate it on the third sunday of june, but it is also celebrated widely on others days.
Father's day is a important celebration with family.
I am going to celebrate father's day with my family and we go make a lunch. I usually buy gifts and cards for him.

Independence day in Brazil and India

Independence Day of Brazil is a national holiday on September 7th. The people's

Celebrate it with a military parades.

In this year on Independence day I'm going to Ministries Esplanade to see a military


The history the Independence is Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal, and the

royal family went to Brazil. A political revolution erupted in Portugal and the royal

family had to return. The letter reached Prince Pedro on September 7, 1822 at the

shore of the Ipiranga River, he proclaimed Brazil's independence.

In India they celebrate the independence on the 15 of August. It is a national holiday.

It is celebrated with parades and pageants showcasing scenes from the freedom

struggle and the various cultural traditions of India.

Are you going to Sao Joao this weekend?
  • I don't know, maybe. What's it exactly?
  • Well, it's a festival. It's lots of square dance and stuff like that. Everybody gets dressed up, you know.
  • You mean in costumes?
  • Yeah. People wear country style costumes.
  • Uh-huh. Uh, I'm not Big on parties.
  • And There's typical foods, like pop corn, peanuts and things like that. Do you want to go?
  • Hum, well. I'm not sure.
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Gandhi's Biography - Chapter 3