Patron Saints of two countries

Saint patrick's day is a popular holidays in the USA . The people like to wear green clothes and make parades in the center of town and to see traditional Irish dances . This holiday is celebrated on march 17 .

In Brasilia , Don Bosco is a popular saint was known of dedicate his life to the betterment and education of street children and juvenile deliquents. He was born in the evening of 16 august 1815 in I becchi, Italy . Bosco dedicated his works to him when he found Salesians of Don bosco , on institute a religious congregation of nuns dedicated to the care and education of poor girls. Currently he is the patron the capital of Brazil .

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My favorite food ...

Hello people !

I am Tâmila . I was class teacher Aldaires ,but I went in the class the teacher José Antonio this year because I started to work .

The class is very good and a students are my friends !

My favorite food is pasta with cheese , I really like very , very this food !

external image lasanha_macarrao%255B1%255D.jpgexternal image receita-macarrao-com-queijo-assado.jpg

Mothes's day:)

It was mother's day. Unfortunatelly,my mother passed away when I was 13 years old. Now , my dad is also my mom. On mother's day ,I cooked a very special meal for him. We ate lunch together and saw a very good movie. Look at the photos : It's me cooking, and it's my father and me . We had much fun together !


Arbor Day

In Brazil Arbor Day is celebrated on the twenty-fist of september.
It's celebrated on the last friday of april in the U.S.A. Because I borrowed books to read from our library, I got
some seeds of a tree. I planted the seeds in the back yard of my house. Look :
This is me in the photo . How did you celebrate Arbor day ?

plantandoo (2).jpgplantando.jpg

The mango tree is my favorite tree , because it is big. I love climbing up tree !


Valentine's Day


I had a valentine .His name was Danrley .Last year he gave me a teddy bear,and some chocolate, And I gave him some
shorts and a t-shirt. I hope I have a valentine next year.
Valentine's Day is a commemoration held on February 14 in the U.S.A. In Brazil, Valentine´s Day is held on june 12.
This date celebrates love and affection between companions , In the U.S.A this date remembers saints Valentine .
However,here in Brazil,it is associated with Saint Antonio.
In the U.S.A,on Valentine's Day lovers express their love for each other by giving each other flowers,chocolate
boxes and greeting cards.
In Brazil, on Valentine's Day ,lovers also express their love for each other by giving each other flowers,chocolate boxes
and greeting cards,but they also like to give other gifts ,such as : cell phones,watches, I pads , books, cds ,jewelry ,
shoes , clothes ,etc.

Unfortunately , I don't have a valentine , so , I didn't get any presents last Valentine's Day.


Christmas :)



In Brazil people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December .People eat very delicious food like : turkey , peas , cakes , rice , fruit , and drink , wine .We also give each other presents at midnight .And we usually pray together at home.Also , we like to have fireworks.I like Christmas because I have the chance to meet all my family and to eat so delicious food. What about you ?

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