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Her name is Alyne. Her middle name is Ramos. She likes her name. She lives in Recanto das Emas. She likes her neighborhood. She lives with her family. She has one brother and one sister. Her parents are from Bahia. She is not a full-time student. She gets to class by bus. She does not have a lot of friends.

How to improve your look appearance

1- Wear comfortable and beautiful clothes for you

2- Eat healthy foods like vegetables

3- Do exercises. It's good for you

4- Drink a lot of water. Avoid Sodas

5- Trust in yourself.Don't listen negative opinions

6- Use clean and discrete make up if you like it

7- Take care of your hair.

8- Be hygienic

external image Happy-Fathers-Day.jpg

Father's day is a celebration of fathers inaugureted in the Unit States in the early twentienth country to complement mother's day in celebration fatherhood male pareting.
Father's day in brazil it's celebration in march 19th, second sunday in the month of August.

Tami: Hi Roni, How are you?
Roni: Fine. And u?
Tami: Fine too. are you going to the "Esplanada" to see shows for the year?
Roni: I don't know. When is it?
Tami: It's on december 31st.
Roni: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll go to the Thatyane's house. What does it celebrate?
Tami: We celebrate de the new year, you know.
Roni: Yeah. I'm not stupid. How do people celebrate the new year at the "Esplanada"?
Tami: We go to see fireworks and stuff like that. We do he countdown together!
Roni: Sounds good.
Tami: Yeah. We wear white clothes, some people say that u wear white clothes, you will have good luck during he year.
Roni: Thats ok. I'll go with u.
Tami: Oh, Thanx.
Roni: I'll pick u up here on December 31st at 8 o'clock.
Tami: Ok, bye *-*
Roni: Au revoir mon amie.

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