His name is Ronisson. Ronan is his middle name. He lives in Recanto das Emas and he likes his neighborhood because there are nice. He lives with his family and he has five brothers and only one sister. His parents are from Ceará. He is student and he have french classes. He gets to class by bus. It takes him 50 minuts to get to class. He have a lot of friends. He has friends from school and his neighborhood. Some of his friends are fun and smart. When they get together, they go to the mall.

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How to improve your looks.

Do you like go Beauty Parlor? How often do you cut your hair?

Do you buy new clothes?

Here are some suggestion !

Go to the Beauty Parlor • every week for beautiful stay.

• Always buy new clothes.

• Use make-up.

• Go to the shopping see new wear.

• Cut hair every month.

• Moisturize your skin.


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