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His name is eduardo, his name means ''rich Guard'', his middle name is Matheus. He loves his name.
He lives in recanto das Emas. He doesn't like his neighborhood because they're a lot gossipers. He loves his family, He has one brother , His parents are from Bahia and Eduardo's father lives in Tocantins. He doesn't have a lot of friends, His friends are from school and neighbohood, His friends are smart and others are stupid. He and his friends get togheter a lot, about five hours a day, they get together
play chess, soccer or something.

Mothers Day


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Father's day celebration

Father's Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the United States in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's day celebrating fatherhood and male parenting.
After the success obtained by Anna Jarvis with the promotion of Mother's Day in the US, some wanted to create similar holidays for other family members, and Father's Day was the choice most likely to succeed. There were other persons in the US who independently thought of "Father's Day", but the credit for the modern holiday is always given to Sonora Dodd, who was the driving force behind its establishment.
This day is very important for me because I celebrate with my family and everybody enjoy this date.

Laise: Are you going to Sao Joao this weekend ?
Vitoria: I don't know. It's depends.Where is it exactly?
Laise: It's in my church
Vitoria: What is Sao joao exactly?
Laise: It's a festival that people wear costumes and square dance for celebrate Sao joao's day.
Vitoria: Hmmm. What time is it ?
Laise : Is it going to start 7 o' clock
Vitoria: Hmmm.I don't now. Is there any especial foods?
Laise : Yeah. Do you like marsh?
Vitoria: I love marsh
Laise : So, do you want to go ?

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