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Time to Celebrate !


In Brazil people celebrate The Easter's Day on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th.

What do people do on Easter's Day ?

Christians gather together on Easter Sunday for a Sunrise Service. This service takes place on a hill side so everyone can see the sun rise.
Some Christians take part in an Easter vigil, lighting a new fire outside the church early on Sunday Morning. The Paschal candle, decorated with studs to celebrate Christ's wounds, may be lit from the fire and carried into the church.
Some churches have an Easter Garden.
The traditional Easter gift is a chocolate egg.

Special Food at Easter

Easter day, like Christmas Day, is also associated with special food.
Boiled eggs are traditionally served at breakfast, then Easter cards and gifts may be exchanged.
Roast lamb, which is the main dish at Jewish Passover, is the traditional meat for the main meal on Easter Day. It is served with mint sauce and vegetables.
The traditional Easter pudding is custard tarts sprinkled with currants and flat Easter biscuits.


What do people wear on Easter's Day ?
The girls are dressed in the prettiest dresses and adorable little bonnets and the church mothers bring out their biggest hats.
Now I go to speak about my Easte's Day

My name is Thayna and I want to tell you what I do in Brazil during the festival of Easter.
At school we have an Easter competition. Last year it was an Easter competition. We designed and made colourful hats on the theme of Easter and Spring.
I usually either play on my Playstation or I watch television for the rest of the morning.
After dinner, my mom and dad hide small chocolate eggs in the garden for my sister and I to find. I love playing this game and usually beat my sister in collecting the most. Of course, I always give her some so that we have the same about.

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